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The Holiday Mood Spill

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This pre-work part of the day is dedicated to drinking coffee, and waiting for the scheduled snow to start rolling in. I'm quite content sitting at my computer, in my fancy new executive chair, next to my new fancy executive filing cabinet. (Hooray for early Christmas gifts!) Feeling so blessed has put me in a mood, so brace yourself for what's about to spill out.

     To all my friends and colleagues: I hope your holiday season is full of love, laugher and joy. I know I haven't met some of you that I call friends, but that doesn't dilute my wish; I've found the connection one needs for friendship is not tangible, but simply one of the heart. All of you are in my heart today. I'm thinking of those of you with health problems, and hoping for relief from your uncertainty and pain. I'm thinking of those in the middle of serious life changes and tumultuous times, and hoping for a whisper of contentment in any quiet moment you can find. I'm thinking of those of you who wonder why you're even here; please hang on. (Even if it's only because I asked you nicely.) May you all find yourselves in the company of someone who loves you, and be lucky enough to know it. 

   The snow has now started; I'm warming up my coffee and retiring to the couch. So in closing ... Merry Christmas, everyone! 

There are no words to describe how much I love gray.

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