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Trailer for "Promises to Keep" by Maegan Beaumont

Trailer for "Mayors Gone Bad" by Philip Slayton

Trailer for "Hack" by Kieran Crowley

Trailer for "A Season for Killing Blondes" by Joanne Guidoccio

Trailer for "Turner's Point" by Gordon Osmond

                                                           Trailer for "Unstrung" by Kendra C. Highley

                                                    Trailer for "Sacrificial Muse" by Maegan Beaumont

                                                                        Trailer for "The King's Blood" by S.E. Zbasnik

                                         Trailer for "A Nation Under Judgment" by Richard Capriola

                                                                         Trailer for "Sarcasmic" by Tammy Rosenfeld

                                                                   Trailer for "Bay Street" a novel by Philip Slayton

                                                                        Trailer for "Deadly Untruths" by P.J. Allen

                                                                         Trailer for "Girl in Love" by Caisey Quinn 

                          Trailer for "Storm Warning", first book in the Broken Heartland Series by E. Lee & C. Quinn

                                Trailer for "Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings" by Angela Townsend

                                                 Trailer for "The Bonhoeffer Reader", released by Fortress Press.

                                                       Trailer for the "First" series by author Dawne Dominique.

                                                      Trailer for "Between Land and Sea" by Joanne Guidoccio.

                                          Trailer for the "Hollywood Murder Mysteries" series by Peter S. Fischer

                                                            Trailer for the novel "Leon's Lair" by The Phoenix

                                                               Trailer for the novel "Sanctuary" By Pauline Creeden

                                              Trailer for the novel "Carved In Darkness" by Maegan Beaumont

                                                                       Introduction to the blog "The Stage Is Yours".

                                                                 Trailer for The Gray Ship by Russell F. Moran

                                                                 Trailer for "Stone Giants" by Jeff Neubauer

                                                                     Trailer for "Moving Forward" by Chris Kanyane

                                                      Trailer for "You Think It; I Say It." By Jeffrey J. Neubauer

                                                  Trailer for the "Ancient" series, written by Matthew Bryan Laube

                                                Trailer for the book "Letters to My Child" by Jennifer L. Place

                                              Trailer for the book "A Race Across the Moon" by Jeffrey J. Neubauer

                                                           Trailer for the novel "Second Chances" by Jennifer L. Place