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"Erin Kelly is an amazing trailer producer who created incredible custom videos for my books that, elsewhere, would have cost up to $5,000 or more for a one-minute spot. Other firms do not read your book and actually use software to provide semi-random images and music - at many times the cost of an Erin Kelly video. Both my agent and publicist (and everyone else) were blown away twice - once, when they saw the spot  and then a second time, when I told them the price. I hope Erin will do all of my books and I commend her to authors on a budget who want a real professional product."
                                                                                                                                                      - Kieran Crowley, New York Times Bestselling author of HACK.

"Erin Kelly recently did a mini trailer and a longer trailer for my book, The Purloined Legacy.  I was thrilled with both results!  With a book launch event just three weeks away, I sent Erin my manuscript, and without any guidance from me, she came up with an excellent trailer that was creative, compelling, and captured my novel perfectly!  Erin turned both the mini and longer trailer around quickly, her fees were very reasonable, and she created trailers that I was proud to use.  Both trailers were also extremely well-received during my book launch in Miami.  I am now working on a sequel to The Purloined Legacy and I will definitely ask Erin Kelly to do the trailer for my next book.  THANKS ERIN!!!"  - Sincerely, JL PHELAN, author of The Purloined Legacy

I was more than satisfied with Erin Kelly’s production of my book trailer. As for the quality of the product, the trailer speaks, I believe eloquently, for itself. As for the service, I found Erin to be patient, perceptive, prompt, and pleasant (and that’s just the “p” words)! - Gordon Osmond, author of Turner's Point

I asked Erin to produce a trailer for my new book. I knew immediately she would do a great job because she insisted on reading the book before beginning work. When she submitted the first draft I knew I had selected the right person for the job. Erin's work was not just creative; it was thoughtful and dynamic. She combined the major aspects of my book with sound and graphics to produce an outstanding video that will be the hallmark of my marketing activities.  -Richard Capriola, author of A Nation Under Judgment.


Erin was professional and a pleasure to work with. The book trailer she designed brought tears to our eyes. Her commitment to capturing the heart and feel of the book made our trailer stand out. We can't recommend her highly enough! -Caisey Quinn & Elizabeth Lee, authors of "Storm Warning" : A Broken Heartland novel


I thought long and hard about updating my initial book trailer, as the first one I had commissioned was now outdated. I needed something new, fresh and more up-to-date. I searched for months on the internet and viewed many other trailer artists, but Erin's creative uniqueness caught my eye. She is a professional through-and-through, extremely patient, and a joy to work with. As a professional cover artist myself, I knew the task I'd given her was daunting. To come up with a trailer encompassing four novels of a series wasn't easy, but she did a fantastic job. I would recommend her talents to anyone. ~ Dawné Dominique, author of THE FIRST series


Ms. Kelly went above and beyond when creating my book trailer. She read the book first to fully understand the themes and then put together the perfect marketing snapshot. I'll definitely be using Ms. Kelly's services on future book trailers! - Raine Thomas, author of "Meant For Her".


“I found Erin while researching online for the possibility of creating a book trailer for the mid-sized publishing company I work for. Erin had high-quality videos for very reasonable prices—she clearly gives one of the best deals! Erin was extremely easy to work with; she is a great communicator, a fast worker, and is very flexible and accommodating during the editing and revision process. Overall, Erin is an excellent choice for video creation!” - Amy Sleper, Fortress Press


"As a debut author with a very limited marketing budget, I was afraid that a high quality book trailer would be out of my reach. After scouring the internet (and becoming increasingly discouraged), I happened to find Erin Kelly. Her work seemed exceptional, but her affordable price made her seem too good to be true. I decided to take a chance... and I am so glad I did! Not only did Erin produce a sensational book trailer that far exceeded my expectations, she was fast, friendly and a genuine pleasure to work with. If you are in the market for a book trailer, I wholeheartedly recommend Erin and her work. You won't be disappointed, I promise!"  ~ Maegan Beaumont, author of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         "Carved In Darkness"

When I asked Erin Kelly to create two trailers for my novel, she enthusiastically agreed. And throughout the entire process, her enthusiasm did not waver. Nor did her creativity stall when faced with the daunting task of finding unique stills and video footage for two separate trailers. Instead, her professionalism prevailed and she achieved the almost impossible—two outstanding trailers in less than 10 days at a very reasonable price.

Molte grazie, Erin Kelly!  -Joanne Guidoccio, author of "Between Land and Sea"

"Erin's work gave the project a whole new dimension.  Fans were suddenly demanding a full length movie!" 

- Matthew Laube, Author of "Ancient Awakenings", "Ancient Enemies", and "Ancient Revelations"

"Seldom have I been more impressed with a service than the work of Erin Kelly. She produced a video trailer of my book The Gray Ship. She did it in 10 days at a very reasonable price. I expected to go through a few rounds of edits, but her work was so imaginative and powerful that the only thing I changed was one word. She didn't simply take my overview and paste it on the screen. She came up with some powerful language and added it to the trailer. The words, the images and the music were fantastic. It's nice to know that I already have made a decision for video trailers for all my future books: Erin Kelly."  - Russel F. Moran, author of "The Gray Ship"


"Erin was superb on Moving Forward!, a biographical story on President Barack Obama. Erin produced a superior book trailer retaining all the deep aesthetics lying in the book. When President Barack Obama was in South Africa in June 2013 at a town hall meeting I had the great opportunity to play the book trailer to him on my smartphone and he exclaimed: “That is great, I like that!” - Chris Kanyane, Author of "Moving Forward"